TG157 Portable LED Pulse Bluetooth Speaker Wireless light flashing waterproof speaker


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Ok if you have been looking for an affordable portable bluetooth speaker that sounds great and doesn't break the bank you just found it!  The bluetooth speaker is easy to connect and has stereo surround sound bass.  It is also equipped to support TF Card and USB thumb drive slot.  The speaker is also IPX4 Waterproof but cannot be thrown into water only can be around water filled areas such as waterparks, pools, lake or other areas that have water features.  One of the coolest features about this speaker is the LED Lights that come built in.  There are four different types of LED Light shows built in to this bluetooth speaker and they all are really cool light shows.  This speaker aslo has a double horn style speaker diaphragm that will rock out!  Last but not least this speaker has up to 3 hours of play time on a fully charged battery which is plenty long enough to being to use for any event and if the battery gets low its simple and easy to charge.  This speaker is a must buy for the Spring and Summer season so buy today and save at DMG Electronics! 

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