About Us

This is a family owned small business and operated from home. Established by husband and wife in 2016. 

We are located in Horn Lake, MS in the Memphis, TN Area. 

We Specialize in Consumer Electronics. We sell our own name brand products under the brand DMG which is a Registered Trademark Brand with the USPTO. 

We own the Legal Rights to Blackpods Pro and have a Registered Trademark with the USPTO.  The name Blackpods Pro is our official Trademark and we have sole legal rights to any product with the name Blackpods Pro.  Be careful to not by any product from any other company that claims they have any legal rights to Blackpods Pro because we have not given any other business any legal rights to legally use Blackpods Pro. 

We sell Consumer Electronics for incredible low prices you won't find anywhere else.  We try our best to beat everyone else with our pricing.  WE DO NOT SELL APPLE PRODUCTS ONLY DMG BRANDED PRODUCTS!  We love sharing deals with our customers and providing the best customer service possible.

We also offer all Free and Fast shipping to the U.S.A. 

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by ! :)