Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case

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  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
  • Airs i500 Pro TWS Macaron Earbuds With Charging Case
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The DMG® Airs i500 Pro Earbuds are a simple earbud for common activities such as listening to music, watching a video or playing a game.  These are very good earbuds for kids or young teenagers that need an inexpensive pair before buying more expensive ones.  We recommend these to only be bought for kids 13 and under however anyone is allowed to purchase them. They do support touch control, has a button on the back, a metal hinge, a LED light in the front and LED lights in the earbuds to show when charging.  The earbuds themselves light up blue when in the charging case charging or connecting to bluetooth but after connecting to a device they will not light up while in your ear.  These earbuds do sound very good for the price you are paying but they do not support active noise cancelling. The Airs i500 Pro Earbuds are great earbuds all around for the price you will pay compared to some of the other earbuds out there on the market.  The Airs i500 Earbuds also come with a waterproof standard of IPX3 which is capable of protecting your earbuds from sweat and rain.  These earbuds also support binaural use which means you can use only one earbud at a time if you chose too.  Passive Noise Cancelling is what these earbuds are equipped with so they can help block out some of the unwanted noise around you.  If you're looking for an inexpensive earbud that works good and doesn't cost that much buy today from DMG® Electronics!  This earphone supports renaming, siri calling, positioning, but on IOS 13.2 or higher version only ( may experience some issues with ios 14.9 and higher.)

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Warranty Information

30 Day Warranty Here at DMG Electronics we cover all of our products under a 30 Day Warranty for any product that comes with a technical defect. This will include any product that has an issue that qualifies as a technical defect. If you receive a product that you believe has a technical defect please contact us immediately so we can cover the product before the 30 day period is up. Issues with your iOS system being bugged is not a technical defect due to the fact these are not Apple products, issues with Spotify, Youtube, Apple Play and we do not provide any software for you to download to your phone. However if the issue is a technical defect we will issue a replacement free of charge at no cost to you.
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18 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Jenay Cole on Dec 28th 2022

    These earphones were the highlight of my son's day . They work better than the originals

  • 4

    This a very good replica, everything worked perfectly and even had the same UI as the actual AirPods do! And all the settings. Only problem was it nots too comfortable in your ears, but still manageable

    Posted by David Nelson. on Nov 8th 2022

    I would recommend getting this item if you don’t want to buy actual AirPods.

  • 4

    they alright

    Posted by promyse peete on Jul 21st 2022

    they look good and work just as advertised.

  • 5

    Pleasantly Surprised!

    Posted by Shab Bagheri on Jul 11th 2022

    ok wow. i am so Pleasantly Surprised! With the price and the quick shipping and the realistic look i DID NOT expect this to actually arrive or actually look like the image or even work! But wow'! This worked better than expected, and looked JUST like real airpod pros! These are the BEST airpod pro dupes ive seen online, and theyre aso the cheapest! WOW

  • 5

    AirPod pros (DMG electric)

    Posted by Liberty Berry on Mar 26th 2022

    These AirPods look and connect just like the real ones!! My brother has a pair of real AirPod pros and I compared the two (my knock off and his real ones) and The only difference was mine did not have the “made by apple in California” written tinily on the back. The sound quality is just like the real ones and these come fairly well charged!! They take apple charger and for in AirPod cases!! Honestly, I’m happy I bought these for less than $20 then real ones for almost $200. But that’s just me.

  • 5


    Posted by William crossno on Mar 13th 2022

    Very good

  • 5


    Posted by G.R on Feb 28th 2022

    Everything is Amazing on this product. 100% would recommend buying it. Overall, great product!

  • 5


    Posted by Fatt Juggz on Jan 31st 2022


  • 5

    Wireless Earbuds

    Posted by John on Jan 17th 2022

    Quick shipping and great product

  • 5

    Item was good

    Posted by Henry Wiens on Sep 13th 2021

    Just what I paid for.

  • 5


    Posted by Nahciere Watts on Aug 18th 2021

    This product is actually the best it’s bacially real airpods!!! great sound comes with name change also couldn’t TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!! IF I COULD RATE A 6 I WOULD! THIS IS A MUST PURCHASE

  • 5


    Posted by Unknown Customer Unknown Customer on Apr 18th 2021

    I like them!

  • 4

    Airs Pro Earbuds

    Posted by Naomi Riddle on Dec 28th 2020

    I really like them. They sound way better than I expected and they actually stay in my ears!

  • 5


    Posted by Milton Seamon on Aug 12th 2020


  • 5

    Amazing quality at an incredible price

    Posted by John Blake on Jul 31st 2020

    This headphones are amazing I bought a few pairs and there perfect I’m so happy with my purchases and I would recommend them to anybody not wanting to waste money for apple air pods !!!

  • 5

    Amazing quality very affordable will buy again!!!!

    Posted by John Blake on Jul 26th 2020

    These are amazing can’t believe the price they work perfect and came super quick thanks again!!!!!

  • 4

    Air i500 Pro TWS Truly Wireless Stereo...

    Posted by Carl Cottrell on Jun 25th 2020

    Air i500 Pro TWS Truly Wireless Stereo Earphones

  • 5

    They were...

    Posted by Kimberly Wilks on May 20th 2020

    Awesome!! Great sound and easy to oair

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